What is the best season to visit Rio de Janeiro?

What is the best season to visit Rio de Janeiro?
A city like Rio de Janeiro has cultural and entertainment activities and good climate all year round. For those who can choose when to take a vacation, deciding which time to come to Rio de Janeiro will be a choice to weigh priorities, for example for those who want a 40 degree climate to enjoy the beaches and summer events, will also have the burden of having to handle with busy restaurants and big queues.
– Summer (December to March): A season in which temperatures reach 40° Celsius and beaches fill up every day. If on one hand these days there are cultural and entertainment options on the other hand, restaurants and tourist attractions are also very crowded and it takes a little patience to face the queues of the museums and the main sights of the city. March is historically the wettest month of the year.
– Autumn (March to June): best time to visit Rio de Janeiro for those who want to get away from the heat and at the same time queuing at tourist attractions, especially in May and June, low season months and when the temperature starts to linger around 20° celsius by day and 15° by night.
– Winter (June to September): Although it is winter, the months of July and August are usually a small peak season, since it is generally the months in which people from the northern hemisphere take vacations, as well as many Brazilian families who have children on school holidays. Even so, it is an excellent time to visit the city, because it is not crowded like in summer and the temperatures are very pleasant for those who want to escape the heat.
– Spring (September to December): In this season, the city and tourist spots are not very full and the temperature in the months of September and October has not yet warmed. A good time to visit the city. The cruise ship season begins in mid-October, so from November the city already begins to get with more tourists.
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