What to do in the Docklands area of Rio

What to do in the Docklands area of Rio de Janeiro

With the “Porto Maravilha” Project many areas in the Port Zone of Rio de Janeiro are being discovered by residents and tourists. Birthplace of samba and with  importance for the African culture the area represent the history , fun is a unforgettable walking tour. Last days the area was  cultural heritage of humanityWe selected four attractions in the Dockland are of Rio de Janeiro for you below.

Cais do Valongo

The Cais do Valongo also known as  The Pier of the Empress, was the largest slave port in the Americas. Ignored for decades in books and travel guides, with the Porto Maravilha Project you can have access to this part of the history of Brazil completely forgotten by its livers. The site also received the Empress Teresa Christina who came to Rio de Janeiro to marry with the Emperor Dom Pedro II.

What to visit in the port area of Rio?

Pedra do Sal

Was the place where the salt landed in Rio de Janeiro and after became a meeting point for people of African descent. With these meetings was born samba and his first songs. Known as Little Africa is the place of extreme importance to Brazil’s black culture.

Places to dance samba in Rio de Janeiro.
Places to dance samba in Rio de Janeiro.

Cemitério dos Pretos Novos

During some repair in a simple house in the center of Rio de Janeiro was found the Cemitério dos Pretos Novos place where many Africans were buried after not resist the long trip across to Brazil.

Greater Graffite of Rio de Janeiro

In the Rua Coelho Castro in the neighborhood of Saúde, is the largest Graffite of Rio de Janeiro. The artist known that did this ar is Tomaz Viana and is located on the side of a building with 30 feet tall. For the art they used 1,500 cans of paint.

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