Enjoy Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Its official name is Metropolina Cathedral of São Sebastião of Rio de Janeiro, like official name of the Marvelous City: city of São Sebastião of Rio de Janeiro. Designed by Edgar Oliveira to replace the old cathedral in Praça XV, the current cathedral has a “conical” shape so that the cross, the cathedral’s maximum symbol, on the ceiling could “embrace” everyone inside it.

Made with unpainted concrete, many think it is unfinished, but this is their “armor” designed by Edgar.  Its 75 meters high and 106 meters in diameter are ventilated by hundreds of crevices in each external “square” that is part of the design of the cathedral.

Catedral of Rio
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Its 8 thousand square meters of internal capacity is able to receive, without chairs, incredible 20 thousand people standing. This number drops to 5 thousand, with chairs.  The four internal stained glass windows symbolize the four characteristic features of the Church: One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic.

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