Enjoy some tips about a exclusive tour in Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy some tips about a exclusive tour in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a big city with many attractions. Going it on your own using public transportation can be often time consuming and tiring. Taking a exclusive tour in Rio de Janeiro has been the choice of many tourists to get to know the city in a few days.

At attractions like the Tijuca Forest, where there is no public transportation, a private guide becomes essential. Santa Teresa, a bohemian and picturesque neighborhood, may have its steep streets as an obstacle to be explored. Then the car of your private guide becomes quite useful.
Of course, taking a private tour to Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf is the guarantee that you will have the best experience at the best times of the day.
Besides the ease of moving around the city more easily, a private tour in Rio de Janeiro is personalized and the tourist has the private guide’s full attention.
Your private guide will discuss topics such as the culture of Rio, information about the attractions, history of Rio de Janeiro, as well as passing the best tips of restaurants and bars.
Another advantage of having a private guide in Rio de Janeiro is that if you have a free day to explore the city on your own, your guide will help you format a script just for you.

Choosing to take a exclusive tour in Rio de Janeiro is sure to be designed to avoid queuing, traffic and optimize your time in the city.

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