Off Rio de Janeiro

Separate at least one day off Rio de Janeiro in your schedule to get to know one of these areas outside the capital.

Palácio Quitandinha no city tour petrópolis.

In one of the tours Off Rio de Janeiro you will get to know the Imperial City of Petropolis, where the royal family spent summers during the monarchy time. With a nice weather, Petropolis sill keeps in very good conditions palaces, museums and churches since the time of the Emperor D.Peter II. Many brazilians forgot their history, but with Rio Cultural Secrets you are gonna have access to all infos and will see the main attractions of Petropolis: Crystal Palace, the Imperial Museum and much more.

Crossing the bridge to the other side of Guanabara Bay, Niteroi, founded by the French, enchants everyone with its beauty, gastronomy and architecture. With many constructions of Oscar Niemeyer, is the second city with more buildings projected by him.


city tour petropolis-2

City Tour Petropolis – Rio de Janeiro

The city tour petropolis is an unique opportunity to understand the history of the Royal Family of Brazil.


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Day Tour Niteroi

Niteroi is a secret of Rio de Janeiro. In your private tour rio de janeiro, you will see the MAC Museum, Fish Market, Santa Cruz Fortress, Camboinhas beach and the City Park viewpoint.


 Tour Serra dos Orgaos National Park - Guapimirim-2

Tour Serra dos Orgaos National Park – Guapimirim

Enjoy one of the wonders of Rio. The Tour Serra dos Orgaos National Park – Guapimirim is your chance to enjoy nice falls in Rio.