What to do to become a Carioca

What to do to become a Carioca during your trip to Rio de Janeiro

Be carioca is not only born in Rio but a life style. Discover some tips to feel a typical carioca in the city of Rio de Janeiro:

Eat a “Globe” biscuit and drink a “Matte Leao” on Copacabana beach – or on any of the dozens of beaches in the Marvelous City. And at the beach exit stop at any juice shop and order the exotic, creamy and delicious Açai (it pronunces Assaee).

Dance samba in Pedra do Sal, where the samba was born and which today houses one of the most lively samba session in Rio de Janeiro. Monday and fridat are the days that occur the session, beginning by turns of 19hs.

Eat a large feijoada in one of several restaurants in the city. But separate this meal for lunch, so make sure you are satisfied by the end of the day. Have a caipirinha too to brighten your lunch.

Eat the famous feijoada pastery. Some of the best places that offer this spice are: Pavao Azul in Copacabana; Aconchego Carioca in Tijuca; Bar do Mineiro in Santa Teresa; Chico and Alaide in Leblon.

Have a beer on the wall of Urca eating a pastery and having as postcard right in front of Guanabara Bay and Christ the Redeemer. The sunset in winter can be seen from there.

Watch the sunset from the rocks of Arpoador, where the locals gather at the end of the afternoon to enjoy our king putting to the sound of the chilling palms of those who are there.

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