5 top attractions in Rio de Janeiro that you can`t miss

5 top attractions in Rio de Janeiro That You can`t miss

Rio de Janeiro is a city with many beatiful and historic attractions. Below we listed the 5 top attractions in Rio for you to enjoy the best of the marvelous city.

Santa Antonio Convent

The Santo Antonio Convent is one of the top attractions in Rio and is a convent formed by three churches in the heart of downtown of Rio de Janeiro. With 400 years, the main attraction is the unique church of St. Francisco da Penitência. Pure example of Brazilian Baroque.

Walking tour in the historic Rio de Janeiro.

Gabinete Portugues de Leitura

Where occurred the first sessions of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, the place is the library that has more Portuguese books out of Portugal.

Private Tour Historic Downtown  Top Attractions in Rio

Confeitaria Colombo

Since 1894 the Colombo Cafe receives visitors from all corners crazy to try the delicious Portuguese pastries. A piece of Vienna in Rio de Janeiro the Colombo in the past was the site of high society and symbol of richness.

Tour Historic Center and Santa Teresa - Cafe Colombo one of the  Top Attractions in Rio

City Park Niteroi

The City park in Niteroi is a protected area with about 270 meters of high and where paragliding jumps occur in Niterói. But the main attraction is the wonderful views that the location offers.

Parque da Cidade Top Attractions in Rio

Vista Chinesa

As the Emperor Dom Joao VI loved tea and some Chinese were invited to come to Brazil to start the plantaion as well as assist in road construction in the Tijuca Park. And our Chineses friends found a fantastic place with one of the most beautiful city views.

floresta da tijuca vista chinesa rio de janeiro
Chinese View inside the Tijuca National Park in Rio