City Tour Petrópolis

Discover the Secrets of Petropolis on a Day Trip from Rio de Janeiro

Catedral de São Pedro de Alcântara - Cathedral - Petropolis

City Tour Petropolis

Located 60 km from Rio de Janeiro, high in the mountains, Petropolis is known as the Imperial City, and traces its rich history back to the days of the Monarchy.

Designed by Dom Pedro II, during our City Tour Petrópolis you will also see why the German-built city was the royals’ choice of summer residence. And until today a lot of people passes the vacation on Petrópolis.

We begin our Full Day Tour in Petropolis visiting the grand garden area of Quitandinha Palace. From there we will go the beautiful downtown of Petropolis where we will visit the Cathedral of St. Peter.

Than We will visit in the City Tour Petrópolis the Imperial Museum. The attraction is an incredible chance to see the entire history of the last and longest royal reign in Brazil.

After stopping to recharge our batteries with a tasty lunch, we will explore in Petrópolis another must-see attraction of the city. The Crystal Palace served as location for grand parties during the times of the Monarchy.

Finally we will visit also the fascinating House of Santos Dumont – known as the ‘Father of Aviation’ to finish our full day tour in Petrópolis.

Points Visited on the City Tour Petrópolis

Points Visited on a Day Tour to Petrópolis:

    • Quitandinha Palace (outside garden area)
    • Cathedral of St. Peter of Alcantara
    • Imperial Museum
    • Crystal Palace
    •  Casa de Santos Dumont

Important Infos


  • Driver and Private Guide
  • Pick up and drop off in the South Zone

Not included 

  • Drinks, Food and tickets.


  • Tuesday to Sunday


  • 7 to 8 hours



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