Best Breakfasts in Rio

Best Breakfasts in Rio

An espresso and a snack on the hoof are fine if you’re in a rush, but long, leisurely breakfasts suit the holiday mood, and Rio offers many options for those looking to break their fast in style. Brazilians take their cafe de manha seriously, and it’s rare to meet somebody that skips the first meal of the day.

Also keep an eye out for pao de queijo – these chewy rolls are made of manioc flour (making them naturally wheat and gluten-free) and, while the taste and texture may seem a little odd at first, they’re extremely addictive once you’ve got a taste for them.

While hotels and pousadas (independent guest houses)  invariably offer expansivespreads, it’s worth treating yourself to breakfast or brunch elsewhere at least once during your trip – if only to see what you might have been missing elsewhere.

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Do you like Japapense Food? Enjoy our tips to have the best sushis in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians have been juicing long before it became a trend elsewhere, and the sheer array of fruits and vegetables that they whip up into energy-boosting drinks is astounding.

Juice bars usually sell snacks such as sandwiches, fruit salads, cake and salgados (savory snacks) but the real stars of the show are to be found on those extensive suco (juice) lists. 

Discover the best breakfast in Rio de Janeiro with our tips

A good way to get a vitamin-C boost is with an acerola juice – this tart berry has around 100 times the vitamin C levels of orange. Locals tend to add lots of sugar, but you can ask to have it mixed with sweeter fruits such as orange or mamao (papaya) instead. Sugar usually comes as standard in Brazilian sucos, so ask for it natural if you want it without.

For the absolute best pao de queijo in town, meanwhile, head to the hills to visit the handsome historic neighborhood of Santa Teresa. Right next to Largo do Guimaraes – the neighborhood’s main square – a small organic cafe called Cultivar Brasil (it actually has no signage outside, but it opens right onto the street and is easy to spot recognise by the queues of people ordering the house specialities – pao de queijo and acai).

In Santa Teresa is an amazing are to enjoy the best breakfast in Rio de Janeiro. Explore the Museu do Doce Vivo.