Best Pics of Lopes Mendes Beach

The Lopes Mendes Beach in Ilha Grande

Paradise can be found on the breathtaking Lopes Mendes Beach in Ilha Grande.  This spectacular beach is approximately three kilometers in length, which is just enough space for those people who arrive to sit on the clean sand, as they look out to the sparkling tranquil water.

Of course, the water is not always as tranquil as it could be, due to the number of surfers that arrive to catch the perfect wave each day.  However, all that activity allows people to become mesmerized by the actions of those performing the tricks of their trade. Therefore, no one minds when the waves become full of people providing entertainment for a few hours!

The Lopes Mendes Beach has been considered one of the top ten beautiful beaches in the entire world by Tripadvisor for many years now.  

That designation has brought extra attention to this area, but that doesn’t mean that the beach is suffering from overuse in any way.

Everyone can experience this beach during one of our Day Trips in Rio de Janeiro.  When a person takes our Ilha Grande Day Tour, they can visit the Lopes Mendes Beach, as well as the beaches of Pouso, Mangue, and Itaoca. 

First To get to Lopes Mendes Beach, everyone within our tour will need to either follow a trail from Abraão Village, which takes three hours, or travel by a boat that can get them to their destination much faster.

The Lopes Mendes Beach can be fairly deserted at times, which is completely different from the past when people from the Caiçara Community spent a lot of time there.

Anyone who doesn’t want to spend an entire day at the Lopes Mendes Beach, or the other beaches in the area, can choose our half island tour instead.  Finally That tour allows people to take a boat to the Blue and Green Lagoons before experiencing the Saco do Ceu.

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