Discover the best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro

Discover the best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro

This is one of the most important things to choose when you travel to Rio de Janeiro. You need to check things like budget, location and the best place to stay. The Rio de Janeiro city offer many choices of hotels, hostels and ghesthouses for all type of taste.


It is the most famous area of Rio de Janeiro, with thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels, subway stations, taxi drivers and everything that you need to have a great stay in Rio. Copacabana has all the facilities around, but is also a very populated area (around 150,000 people) and not so safe during the Night. Of course you need to visit Copacabana, but if you prefer for a more quiet and calm area the next option maybe the best choice.

best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana Palace Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema and Leblon

Ipanema and Leblon are virtually the same. Considered one of the most expensive areas of the country, Ipanema and Leblon offer the best beach in the south zone, and the best restaurants and bars in Rio. Both places are symbol of bohemian in Rio. Ipanema and Leblon is not so cowded as Copacabana and more safe also.

Ipanema offer good hotels Like Fasano and Ceaser Park.
Ipanema offer good Hotels like Fasano and Ceaser Park.


Can you imagine staying in a Favela? Yes, you can. This can be a unique experience to enjoy The Real Rio. After the pacification project, the Favela have become a tourist spot and start to develop attracting Hotels and hostels. One of the Best Slums to stay in Rio is the Favela do Vidigal, where is located the Hotel Mirante do Arvrão with a spectacular view of the city. The Favela do Vidigal is a fantastic community, developing very fast and it’s sure to make you stay in Rio de Janeiro unforgettable. Another amazing hotel is located in Tavares Bastos favela. The Hostel the Mazze offers another amazing view of Guanabara Bay and the Sugar Loaf. The Hostel is located in a building with a unique construction. The place also offers jazz concerts on Fridays.

best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro
Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro – Favela do Vidigal

The best locations to stay in Rio de Janeiro are in the Downtown and in the South Zone.


Botafogo is another good area to stay in Rio de Janeiro, very close to Copacabana beach, the Christ, Sugar Loaf and Lapa, and offers excellent structure is the site of some tourist attractions like the Favela Santa Marta, museums and cultural centers. With lower prices than areas like Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema, Botafogo has hostels and hotel options. Also the night is one of the best places in town. Try to have fun in the Casa da Matriz or Bar Bukovsky.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is known as the Montmartre of Rio de Janeiro. Located in the hills, offers a tranquil atmosphere as if in a small town. With amazing colonial houses, museuns and restaurants is perfect for those looking to get out of the “concrete jungle”. But Santa Teresa is a difficult place to get taxis (Many of the taxi drivers give up to go to Santa Teresa). If you stay in a hotel or hostel and they offer trans and the rides will not be a problem your stay in Santa Teresa. The area around the Largo dos Guimarães is very special, but the area of Selarón Steps you need a special attention to safety.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro Santa Teresa
Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro Santa Teresa


Lapa is close to Santa Teresa and is undergoing major changes in recent years. In the past was a place of prostitutes, sailors and drag queens and today is the area of nightlife, the samba circles and bars crazy. If you want to stay around the fun, is young, do not care about luxury Lapa is your place. Lapa also offers several lodging options such as home residents, Hostel and Hotels as the new Villa Gale, a 4 star hotel starting a new era in the area.

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