Explore The Copacabana boardwalk

The Copacabana boardwalk

One of the most popular areas of Copacabana Beach is the extraordinary Copacabana Boardwalk.When the construction on this fascinating boardwalk began, numerous Portuguese artists arrived in Rio de Janeiro to do the necessary work to bring the design that was created by Roberto Burle Marx to life.

The original Copacabana Boardwalk was inspired by the Rossio Square that is located over in Lisbon.  The boardwalk is four kilometers in length and while it was originally constructed during the 1930s, it was reconstructed in 1970.

Despite the reconstruction, the Copacabana Boardwalk still has an intriguing Portuguese pavement design.  

Copacabana statue

This breathtakingly piece of art is one of the iconic symbols within Copacabana and Rio, and it can be seen on many of the postcards that are available in the area.

We encourage everyone who visits Rio de Janeiro to venture down to the Copacabana Boardwalk to wander around in the lively atmosphere of the area.  Many of the locals in Copacabana use this boardwalk to reach the Princess of the Sea, as that is where they do their morning or evening swims.

A trip to the Copacabana Boardwalk can be incorporated into any of our Rio de Janeiro Day Tours.


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