Explore the Parque da Cidade in Niteroi

Explore the Parque da Cidade in Niteroi

Everyone who visits Rio de Janeiro will want to take a little bit of time to explore the magnificent Parque da Cidade in Niteroi.  This fabulous city park can be found within an environmentally protected area in the San Francisco neighborhood.

This park opened back in 1976 at the top of Viração Hill and it offers splendid views of the beaches in Niteroi and many infamous attractions within Rio de Janeiro.  Visitors should imagine looking out towards Sugarloaf Mountain, Gávea Stone, and the Christ the Redeemer Statue as they experience the true beauty of Rio.

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Visitors can do much more than stand at the top of this hill too, which is something that many adventurous people will like to hear.  Those who want a bit of a challenge can strap themselves into one of the gliders or paragliders, so that they can soar high up in the air as they experience the views from a different vantage point.

There are so many buses that take visitors to this amazing destination, but here at Rio Cultural Secrets, we provide a much better experience.  Visitors can include this park as one of their stops for their private tour of the city with us.

We will take them to the top of the hill after spending some time crossing the bay, enjoying a delectable meal at a local restaurant, and sharing the history and culture of Niteroi along the way.

We can’t wait until our next tour of beautiful Niteroi, so everyone should contact us to arrange their own personal tour.

Explore the Parque da Cidade in Niteroi
City Park in Niteroi