Discover the best Things To Do in Ilha Grande for your next vacation

Discover the best Things To Do in Ilha Grande for your next vacation

If you are a fan of exotic beaches with crystal clear waters, Ilha Grande is your perfect destination for your next vacations. Located 150 km from Rio de Janeiro, you will enjoy a magnificent walk through a natural reserve, unique worldwide. This beautiful set of islands has more than 100 beaches where you can do various activities between the waves. We show you the things you should not miss in this wonderful earthly paradise!

Abraao Beach is the busiest entrance to Ilha Grande. This port is perfect for a first postcard, as you’ll find picturesque hostels, quiet beaches, and stores. 

If you want to explore Rio’s cultural secrets, you can start by visiting the ruins of the aqueduct in Ilha Grande State Park. The Castelhanos lighthouse is also an obligatory stop to appreciate a complete (and romantic) view of the open sea and the village. The ruins of Lazaretto will let your imagination run wild. Prisoners lived there before Ilha Grande became a tourist attraction.

The greatest attraction of Ilha Grande is its beaches.The wonderful waves and the sand like talcum powder make Lopes Mendes an unforgettable spot. Lopes Mendes is a 25-minute walk from the port after crossing a rainforest. Who would say that a thick landscape would hide the most beautiful beach in the world? Surfing, diving and swimming activities are developed there.

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Day Trip Ilha Grande From Rio de Janeiro

On the other hand, for those who like adventure, exploring the cave of Achaia will be an experience among jungles, caverns, and beautiful freshwater lagoons. What are you waiting for to meet this Brazilian Eden? Enter this and other tourist destinations in Rio on your free days.