Discover The history of the royal family in Brazil

Discover The history of the royal family in Brazil

Below we will list some curiosities of Petrópolis and the history of an important museum of Brazil: the Imperial Museum of Petrópolis.

The begin of the City of Pedro

Petrópolis is the junction of the word “Petrus”, latin word in allusion to our 2nd Emperor, D.Peter II, with the word “Polis”, that means city. City of Peter!

D.Peter I was the great enthusiast in building the city to establish the Imperial Summer Palace, where, in future, his son, D.Peter II, would spend 3 to 4 months a year ruling the country.

On one of his trips to Minas Gerais in 1822, D.Peter I stayed at Priest Correia’s farm. So enchanted with the place, he made an offer of purchase, denied by Priest Correia.

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Frustrated with this, D.Peter I went in search of another terrain and bought the Fazenda do Córrego Seco, where today is the Imperial Museum of Brazil.

The new Imperor

As he died young, before his construction began, his son, D.Peter II, decided in 1843 to take his father’s plan forward After signed an Imperial decree for the settlement of a settlement of German immigrants.

During the summer the Royal Family passed the vacations in Petrópolis close to Rio de Janeiro.

The mission of construction and planning of the city was given to Major and Engineer Julio Frederico Koeler, who finalized the plan in 1847.

However, Petrópolis would only be elevated to the condition of city 10 years later, in 1857. After the end of the Monarchy in 1889, the Palace was used as a school.

More about Petrópolis

Petrópolis is considered the safest city in the state of Rio de Janeiro and the 6th safest city in Brazil. Petropolis was the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro temporarily between 1894 and 1902, due to the Armada Revolt.

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