Discover the Secrets of Paraty and Ilha Grande

Discover the secrets of Paraty and Ilha Grande

Rio de Janeiro impresses visitors from all over the world for its unique beauty. Two of these privileged places are Paraty and Ilha Grande with a vast area of ​​protected Atlantic forest. The places have about one thousand beaches and more than three hundred islands.

Before arrive in Paraty and Ilha Grande one incredible road is waiting for you.

Explore Paraty

In Paraty visitors can enjoy the beatiful historic constructions of the place. The paradise its famous because of the great cachaças and wonderfull beaches and waterfalls that the region has to offers.

Paraty is one of the most complete places for tourism in Brazil with different types of adventure itineraries. Have tours for families, small groups and many adventure options. Also Paraty has an excellent cultural and gastronomic options.

A bit of history: Paraty is a historical city that comes from the time of the routes of products in the colonial era. The city had in the past one of the largest ports.

There are several buildings, churches and monuments to visit during your stay in Paraty.

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Discover Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is the largest island in Rio de Janeiro where today the main economic font comes from fishing and the tourism. There are several attractions and tours offered in the region. Ilha Grande has four APAs helping to preserve the nature’s wonders.

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In Paraty the natural attractions are Trindade, Praia do Sono, Pouso da Cajaíba, Martin Sá and the waterfalls of the area. The Serra da Bocaina National Park is other amazing place around Paraty.

Ilha Grande is the largest island of Angra dos Reis and where the beach of Lopes Mendes is located, considered the second most beautiful in Brazil. The Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde and Aventureiros Beach are other must-see attractions in Ilha Grande.

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One of Paraty’s strong points is the culture. There are several events during the year and the most famous are the Cachaça Festival and the Flip – Literary Festival of Paraty and the Festa do Divino. Already in Ilha Grande every January 6th has the famous Festival of Luz do Divino and on January 1st the sea procession to celebrate the new year that begins.

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