Where to eat candy deserts in Rio de Janeiro

Where to eat candy deserts in Rio de Janeiro

Just talking candy desert is already salivating. So let’s know some cafes where you can eat a typical candy desert in Rio de Janeiro!

Esquina de Santa Teresa

This is a cafe located in the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Teresa where you can delight in a formidable chocolate brownie. The charming home also offers a wide range of craft and imported beers. There is indoor and outdoor space.

Confeitaria Colombo

Founded in 1894, it is the most traditional confectionery in the city. Its main store is in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro and features art nouveau décor. The different types of quindins and the adored “beijinho” deserve special highlights. Discover why you should visit the Historic Downtown of Rio

Alda Maria Doces

Also located in Santa Teresa, the place works as a candy factory. But when you knock on the door, from Tuesday to Sunday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm, you will be welcomed by a nice lady who will open the room of these delicious Portuguese candies. Toucinho do ceu and walnut jam are one of the best-selling.

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Rio de Janeiro Private Tour to Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro Private Tour to Santa Teresa

One of the private tours in Rio de Janeiro that  Rio Cultural Secrets offers in what is possible to know these places are the private tour to Santa Teresa and the City Center Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro.

Ask your private guide in Rio de Janeiro to go to one of these places to have a Brazilian coffee enjoying delicious candies desserts!