Explore The Arpoador Rocks

Explore Arpoador Rocks

The Arpoador Rocks can be found in an area of Rio de Janeiro between Ipanema and Copacabana.  

These rocks were first discovered back in 1930 by the locals of Ipanema and the fishermen that frequented the nearby waters.  In fact, it was those same people who created the beach atmosphere and culture that can be found within this city today. The name of these rocks came from the fishermen who used harpoons to catch their fish each day.

The very first surfer in Brazil utilized the water in Arpoador and since that day, surfers from around the world have discovered that the rocks create amazing waves that reach up to ten feet high.  Unfortunately, there is not much room for surfers to begin their ride when the waves are really crashing in. That causes an issue when this area gets extremely crowded, due to the surf being so excellent.

One of the best times to be near the Arpoador Rocks is at the end of the day as the sun is setting in the sky.  Everyone who visits Rio de Janeiro can incorporate a trip to the Arpoador Rocks into their own private tour with us.  

Our tours are an excellent way to see all the fascinating sights within Rio, including these breathtaking and massive rocks.

Arpoador Rocks

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