Discover the Fish Market in Niteroi

Discover the Fish Market in Niterói

Founded 33 years ago , one of the traditional markets of Niterói has on fish and seafood their specialty . Located in Ponta D’Areia , may not be the most pleasant option, but for those who want to enjoy a good fish or seafood quality , the San Pedro Market is the best option in town.

There are 39 boxes that attract customers with their great fishes and cheap prices. The market also conquer the audience for cleanliness and customer service.

Football players often visit the market . Ronaldo , for example , always came before he became famous .

Sao Pedro Market in Niteroi Rio de Janeiro is also possible to find rare fish such as Giant Chernes . Who want to enjoy the delights there, you can buy the fish and ask to prepare him upstairs , full of restaurants and bars .

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The  Fish Market in Niteroi is one ofThe main attractions of the city.

Where is the Sao Pedro Fish Market in Niteroi?

Service : The Sao Pedro Fish Market is on Visconde do Rio Branco Street, 55 , Ponta D’Areia . Operation: Tuesday through Saturday from 6 to 18 hours , and on Sundays from 6 to noon .

Before the lunch in Niterói why not enjoy one of the most beatiful beaches of the city.

The Sao Pedro Fish Market
The Fish Market in Niteroi you can buy and eat your fish on the own place.

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Discover the São Pedro Fish Market on a Full Day Tour to Niterói