Hippie Market in Ipanema on Sunday

Hippie Market in Ipanema on Sunday

One of the most popular attractions within Ipanema is the Hippie Market, which takes place on Sundays each week.  This market can be found in the Praça General Osório and it opens at seven in the morning and closes at seven in the evening.

The Hippie Market began back in 1969 when Hugo Bidet wanted to find a way to sell more of his Christmas cards.  While he could have used the extra money for many things, his main goal was to earn more money so that he could afford to buy more beer at the bar located in the same square.  This market was originally called Art in the Square, but the name was changed once the local hippies arrived with their items to sell.

The outside of the square is where numerous stalls can be found, while the inside is reserved for those who are selling larger pieces like canvases.  Anyone who travels to this market will find that it is one of the best places to purchase souvenirs of Rio de Janeiro. Visitors will find clothing, artwork, furniture, jewelry, and many other items that will remind them of their time in this city.

Some people believe that the best part of the Hippie Market is the food that is available at some of the stalls.  Everyone is encouraged to try some of the Acaraje, which is a croquette that is made from a mixture of black-eyed pea, manioc paste, coconut, and prawns.  Other Bahian food is also available of course, as are dozens of delectable dessert items.

Everyone is encouraged to barter when they are at the Hippie Market, as it is the best way to receive excellent prices.  This is especially true for those who are purchasing more than one item from each vendor.

Enjoy the beach and after the Hippie Market in Ipanema
Hippie Market Sunday in Ipanema
The idea was to do a open gallery where Hugo and his friends could sell their products. The event was called Art in the Square but with the arrival of the local hippies, became theHippie Market in Ipanema.

When happens?

The Hippie Market in ipanema happens all Sundays from 07:00 am to 19:00 am. The Address is the Praça General Osório in Ipanema. For more infos please visit the oficial website of the Market.