Historic Churches of Rio

The Historic Center of Rio de Janeiro shows the history of the City and the Country. The walking tour rio de janeiro you can have the chance to see this live visiting palaces, churches and squares. Below we will give 5 tips to see some of the Historic churches of Rio de Janeiro.

Candelaria Church

There existed a small chapel ( 1634 ) , which was built in a promise made ​​by a Spanish couple when  in the ocean happened strong thunders and rain . Asked to Nossa Senhora da Candelaria to save them , and then when they got on a safe place , erect a church in her honor , and place that they arrived was the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro .

This fact is narrated on the top of the church in paintings in six panels .


 Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

The Architect Edgar de Oliveira da Fonseca was the author of the project . The main attraction is the monumental mosaics, Figures represent the symbols of the catholic church (Una, Santa Apostolica and Catolica), with different colors and multiple meanings . With capacity for 20 thousand people on foot, and having already received two Popes, is one of the main attractions of the historic center of Rio de Janeiro .

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Catedral of Rio
Catedral of Rio

 St. Francis of Paula

The year 1750 , in the Church of St. Francis of Paula bells that on the tower of the church have special names , the left bell represent the victory and when the bell rang represented fire on the city , and Aragon bell , on the right , all the slaves couldn`t stay on the streets, or would receive punishment  . Come with Rio Cultural Secrets to visit the historic churches Center of Rio de Janeiro

Presbyterian  Church of Rio de Janeiro

The Presbyterian Church of Rio de Janeiro is the Mother Church of the Presbyterian Churches of Brazil , it was the first and was organized on 1862 . In 1861 started the work on the construction and , by the first missionary from the United States.

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St. Benedict Monastery

Founded in 1590 by monks from Bahia , the Benedictine Monastery of Rio de Janeiro was built at the request of the livers of the new city founded . In the heart of the great town , here is kept a place of silence , peace and pray. The temple has a simple style outside but inside it`s simple on of the most pretty churches of Brazil  On the church is the venerated image of Our Nossa Senhora of Montserrat patroness of the convent . All Sundays happens a mass with Gregorian chants.