How Big Is Tijuca Forest

How Big Is Tijuca Forest

South America, and especially Brazil, is full of natural lungs that reduce environmental impact and help conserve biodiversity. The case of Rio de Janeiro is especially curious and unique in the world. Discover the largest urban forests in the world: Tijuca Forest.

It was named a national park in 1961. Since then, the Carioca have been concerned about conserving their natural treasures.

Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour Rio de Janeiro - how big is tijuca forest

This urban forest has a radius of 32 kilometers. That’s why we believe that Tijuca Forest is a great tourist attraction for several reasons:

Firstly, it is an excellent option for those who love ecotourism.  The Tijuca Park is a perfect program for whole families. The visitors center has a playground for kids. If you have luck you can meet toucans and monkeys.

Another point of interest for adventurous tourists is the possibility of practicing sports, such as climbing or hiking on nature trails. It is always advisable to be accompanied by a guide, as Tijuca Forest is no stranger to accidents in the undergrowth or delinquency.

Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour Rio de Janeiro- How big is tijuca forest

The most emblematic its peaks are Pico do Papagaio, Pedra Bonita, Pedra da Gavea and the highest of all: Pico da Tijuca. Each one offers an incredible view of several points of the city. There you will also find more than 30 waterfalls, such as Cachoeiro do Horto, where you can take a refreshing and natural shower.

If you want to rest from the exercise, you can go to Vista Chinese, a beautiful viewpoint, or to Mayrink Chapel, a cultural monument. Also you can visit the fantastic Tauanay Fall the biggest in the Park.

Explore the main attractions of the Urban Forest with an authentic tour guide in Rio de Janeiro.

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