How Long to Stay in Ilha Grande?

Ilha Grande Day Tour from Rio de Janeiro

How Long to Stay in Ilha Grande?

Just 150 km south of the city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful and attractive islands of Brazil: Ilha Grande. Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, this pedestrian island has more than 300 beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand.


It is a destination surrounded by tropical fauna, waterfalls, rivers, bays and picturesque villages. Would you like to explore it?


During the high season (December to March), the prices of hotel and attractions are higher and the landscape is warmer with more regular rains. During spring and autumn, the tourist activity is lower. Sometimes it is difficult to fully enjoy the scenery or the village due to the incredible amount of tourists. Therefore, our advice is to travel in low season, or before the tide of people arrives.


If you want to know it from end to end, it is better for contracting private tours. You can tour the most emblematic sites in a day trip, but also stop to enjoy all the natural and cultural benefits of the area on a one-week tour.


Staying at Ilha Grande involves interspersing beach days with days of walking.

You can spend a day getting to know Paraty, the living museum of colonial sugar exploitation, or if you prefer walking through the ancient monuments of Vila do Abraão. Keep in mind that the towns around this area are very old and the only transport available are taxi boat, bicycles or walking.  

Most of the beaches, such as Lopes Mendes or Praia dos Rios, are in the middle of tropical jungles. This means that, in order to take a dip in the sea, you must cross the forest.


Eating in homemade restaurants, playing in public squares, exploring waterfalls and rivers, snorkeling or scuba diving on the beaches, there are many things to do on Ilha Grande. You’ll want to stay forever!

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