How to enjoy the nightlife in Rio de Janeiro like a local

How to enjoy the nightlife in Rio de Janeiro like a local

Rio de Janeiro is a city that offers a variety of nightspots for tourists, but also has a wide variety of attractions in Rio night that only those who is local know.  We have listed some places to visit:  – San Salvador Square: square located between the neighborhoods of Flamengo and Laranjeiras, in recent years has become a point frequented by locals of the south zone of Rio.

Rio Scenarium in Lapa - How to enjoy the nightlife in Rio
Rio Scenarium in Lapa – Rio de Janeiro



Most of the people stands drinking beer and hanging out.  – Mercadinho São José: old market of fruits, the site has become a recognized area of ​​the bohemian circuit of Rio de Janeiro. Between the bars of the site, stands the “Bar do B” which organizes weekly nights of live blues and rock, attracting a lot of people to its facilities.

Samba das Pulgas

This samba section takes place in the cultural house “Mercado das Pulgas”, in Santa Teresa.

Fortnightly on Saturdays, this samba root section attracts hundreds of locals, either from Santa Teresa, as neighborhoods in the southern and northern part of Rio.

For those who want to listen to a samba root in a charming and bohemian neighborhood, this is a very good option.  –

Pedra do Sal

Place where samba was born! This is another great option for a samba root, no doubt. It is one of the most famous samba section between the local lovers of samba root.

Every Monday and Friday, Pedra do Sal becomes the home of the samba of Rio de Janeiro, reviving the nineteenth century, when the establishment of the African culture at the site developed.

Baixo Gavea

This place is the nickname given by its regulars for the Praça Santos Dumont, which means “low gavea”. Located in the neighborhood of Gavea, which today brings together a wide range of bars.

The regulars are mostly from Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Gávea and surroundings.  –


Alternative Rock stronghold, located in Ipanema, 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. Despite being in Ipanema, the bar is frequented by locals from all areas of the city. The bar has a DJ and dance floor on the first floor and offers live shows on the 2nd floor. The site also has another attraction: the sidewalk outside the bar, where people spend time talking and drinking drinks such as caipirinha and beer.

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