How to stay safe in Rio de Janeiro

How to stay safe in Rio de Janeiro

One of the questions that people make when planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro is : The town is 100 % safe ? The answer is: No. But any location in the world is 100%  safe . Simply just take some precautions to prevent your trip you have any unpleasant surprises .

They tips are:

  • You are a tourist and are welcome in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro. But you do not need to show that you are a tourist. Avoid walking with machines on the neck, mobiles on the hands and seen as a local . Other tip wear one of the Soccer Team of Rio t-shirt.
  • Walk with copies of your passport and with little amount of money . You will not buy the whole Rio de Janeiro, so walk with the essential. Do not carry backpacks . Take your money and your documents in a special bag to keep.
  • Some locations you are welcome all days and times . Some places require a little attention. Avoid walking at night in Copacabana Beach as it is not one of the safest places in town .
  • Lapa we recommend to visit the nightclubs but not recommend a place to walk around. Take your taxi and enjoy the nightclubs with confort, fun and safe.
  • Also The Historic Center is not recommended to visit Saturday and Sunday , as being the Financial City Center stays empty on weekends .

Estátua de Tom Jobim em Ipanema

  • The neighborhoods of Ipanema and Leblon are the safest part of the city and have  the best beaches of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Attention with the prices on the beaches and with the taxi drivers .Get taxi drivers indicated by Hotels or Restaurants. In the beaches the chairs normally cost $ 4.00 and R $ 7.00 the tent . Take care with “Tourists Prices”.