Is Paraty Safe?

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Is Paraty Safe?

Situated halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Paraty is a small colonial jewel with less than 35,000 inhabitants. It was one of the most important sugarcane production centers of the Portuguese colony. Later it was a supply point and port of departure of the riches of Mina, in nearby Cunha.

Today, Paraty is one of the most unique destinations in Brazil. It is where the rainforest and the sea meet in more than 100 incredible beaches. That’s why it’s an ideal tourist attraction if you want to rest from the city chaos or get rid of your work in the office.

In this small town, it is not possible to ride in cars because the sidewalks are so old and delicate that you can only walk or ride bicycles. Also, some areas of the town, the furthest from the center, do not even have electricity.

For this reason, the only entertainment is bathing in the crystal clear bays and enjoying the local shows in restaurants and squares. You can also visit Paraty’s two most emblematic churches, the House of Culture and the Museum of the Territory.

Because it’s a small town, crime isn’t a major problem. Tourists can walk peacefully without risk. However, the best thing is not to leave the populated places, especially at night, because as everywhere there is always the danger of accidents.

Another factor to keep in mind if you travel to Paraty is to take care of your belongings. It’s always preferable to be in comfortable clothes, without carrying a lot of expensive jewelry and put your papers and money in a safe place.

It is always advisable to have a guide of the area, especially if you do not speak Brazilian Portuguese. So what are you waiting for to contact us?

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