Is Rio De Janeiro Safe?

Is Rio De Janeiro Safe?

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro is a unique experience. Although it is almost like the capital of tourism in Brazil, many foreigners ignore certain protocols while strolling through the city.

Safety in Rio is a recurring question among visitors who are unfamiliar with where they can be and what are the most convenient times for walking. No one wants to suffer a mishap during their vacation! That’s why, while you’re here, it’s very important that you consider all possible risks:

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For example, it is always advisable to carry the least amount of high-value belongings. Leave your jewelry, watches, and smartphones in the hotel safe.  If possible, walk around with a photocopy of your passport and the minimum cash needed.

Rio’s nightlife is exquisite, but it’s not a good idea to walk around alone or on dark streets. Our advice is to move around the city using taxi lines recommended by the hotel.

Whether you want to see Christ the Redeemer or visit a beautiful beach in Copacabana or Ipanema, watch out for the crowds. Don’t use shortcuts to avoid the mass of tourists nor trust informal guides who want to take you off the road. Crime takes advantage of the innocence of foreigners.

On the other hand, beware of trips to favelas. Although they seem picturesque, they are high-risk areas. If you want to visit the center, like Lapa, hire a transport service or a guide on a private tour.

Rio is a city of contrasts and contradictions, with spectacular tourist sites and an interesting lifestyle. When will you start packing your bags to visit it?