Is Santa Teresa in Rio De Janeiro Safe?

Is Santa Teresa in Rio De Janeiro Safe?

Santa Teresa is a neighborhood located in the north of the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro.

Before being baptized with that name, this mountain had several names. In colonial times it was referred to as the “Morro do Desterro” because there were hidden black slaves who fled the haciendas. In the eighteenth century was chosen to build the Convent of Santa Teresa, the first religious congregation of women entirely in Rio.

Two centuries later, Santa Teresa became the meeting point of hundreds of people with great influence on Carioca culture. Its temperate climate plus the beautiful view it offers of the city made it the favorite destination of wealthy European and American personalities. Luxurious mansions and beautiful restaurants were built and still serve tourists.

Over time, it has become the capital area of art and intellectuality of Rio de Janeiro. Hence its picturesque streets, thematic hotels and a large number of museums and cultural institutions.

Now, it is no secret to anyone that the neighborhood has fallen, but this should not discourage you if you want to visit it! The security and heritage operations have helped Santa Teresa regain its splendor.

We recommend that you always be accompanied by a guide, especially if you don’t know the area and don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese. We don’t want you to get lost or feel uncomfortable while visiting our beautiful city!

Another important tip is to get around by local taxis or a private guide. While walking around Santa Teresa is a show for the senses, it can also be dangerous, especially at night.

Come and visit Santa Teresa and let yourself be enchanted by its cultural richness. Count on our private tours and specialist guides for an even more memorable experience.