Discover Prainha in Rio de Janeiro

Discover Prainha in Rio de Janeiro

One of the most beautiful beaches in the country of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro’s very own Prainha Beach.  This sparkling beach can be found within Barra da Tijuca and it is more crowded on the weekends than during the week.  However, those crowds are quite manageable, so no one needs to worry about not finding a small piece of sand to call their own or being able to swim out in the water.

People find themselves arriving at this beach early to claim their spot on the seven hundred meters of sand.  Some people prefer to be close to the water, so that they can join the other surfers as they all catch the perfect wave.  Others will stay further back, as they have no interest in the water and the waves lapping up onto the sand.

Near the beach is the Prainha Municipal Park, which has excellent trails within the protected rainforest.  Everyone is welcome to hike along those trails, as they experience the rainforest and the animals that live within firsthand.

There is no hotel in this area as of yet, but there has been a plan to construct one in place for quite some time now.

People can reach Prainha Beach by vehicle or the Surf Bus, but their experience would be much better if they simply included this adventure into their own private tour with Rio Cultural Secrets.