Selaron Steps History

The history of the Great Madness, the Selaron Steps!

Jorge Selarón is considered the greatest artist of Street Rio de Janeiro in the last century and a genius of Santa Teresa.

Out with a common genius made ​​a simple steps to become one of the most visited places in the city.

As he said: “I‘m more famous than Michelangelo. More people visit the staircase of the Sistine Chapel. “Selaron Steps History

Hippie haven in the heart of Lapa consists of 250 steps composed of several tiles from all parts of Brazil. Called by Selarón The Great Madnesswas begun in 1990 and completed in 2013.

Selaron Stairs Half Day Tour Rio de Janeiro

Several personalities have passed through Steps Selarón. Snoop Dogg recorded the video clip of the song “Beatiful” in the stairwell who has also served as the backdrop for many commercials and news reports.

Below I suggest you watch this documentary about the life of Jorge Selarón and his great work which will be marked forever in the heart of Rio de Janeiro City. And to enjoy when in Rio visit this great attraction.

This fantastic video of Jorge Selaron was made by the Luz Camera Atitude! –

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