Rio Cultural Secrets was founded back in 2012 By Fabio Mendonça and his goals were to provide extraordinary private tours in Rio de Janeiro to everyone who visits.  The company has worked hard over the past six years to become a well-known tour guide in Rio de Janeiro, yet the employees never stop striving to improve everything that they offer.

Visitors traveling to Rio de Janeiro can contact Rio Cultural Secrets to create an itinerary for their own private tours.  People can choose from half or full day tours, as well as whether they stay within the city itself or venture further out into the countryside.

Previous visitors’ favorite private tours in Rio de Janeiro have included stops at Ilha Grande, Petrópolis, the Tijuca Forest, Sugarloaf Mountain, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the infamous Corcovado Mountain with the looming Christ the Redeemer Statue on top.  Although, that doesn’t mean that visitors cannot choose from some of the unique experiences that are available in this city, as sometimes those make the best options when using a tour guide in Rio de Janeiro.

Everyone can also choose to do tours packages with Rio Cultural Secrets, and these packages allow them to have personalized experience for more than a few hours of one day of their trip.  Instead, they are receiving top-notch care and service for multiple days in a row.

So many people have used Rio Cultural Secrets for private tours of this beautiful city and they all agree that Fabio and the tour guides never rush them through the experiences that they are having during their tour.  Others love how their tour guide confirms the details with them one day in advance, as it puts their minds at ease to know that their plans are going forward as planned.

Everyone loves how personalized these private tours in Rio de Janeiro are, because they get to see exactly what is on their list, in the time frame that they require.  People also love that each one of the tour guides is knowledgeable about so many things within Rio de Janeiro, as they can ask any type of question and get quite the informative response in return.