Top 10 things to do in Ilha Grande

 Top 10 things to do in Ilha Grande

For who are planning a trip to Ilha Grande we listed the top ten attractions in our opinion. The best place to stay on the Big Island is in Abraão Village where are the main hostels and ghesthouses.

Trekking to Lopes Mendes

With about 7 km long the trail to Lopes Mendes crosses the wild beaches of palmas, Mangue and Pouso. The level of the walks is moderate.

Ilha Grande Day Tour Lopes Mendes

You can do this in one day.

Cachoeira e Praia da Feiticeira

Another touristic attraction in Ilha Grande to know is the Waterfall of the Feiticeira. The fall has around 15 meters is considered excellent for rappel.

The trail is not the easy, but nothing that with a little effort can not do it. After a refreshing bath in the River you go head to the Feiticeira Beach.

Walking one hour from Abraão arrives in the beautiful beach. There are also boats that bring you back to Abraao.

Cachoeira da Feiticeira ilha Grande

You can do this in one day.

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Pico do Papagaio

With about 1000 meters (highest of the Christ the Redeemer) the Parrot’s Peak is another big attraction in Ilha Grande.

To get an idea of the high, there can be seen the Finger of God and the Sleeping Giant of Rio de Janeiro.

You can do this in one day.


With clean and clear waters Ilha Grande is also good for diving. With several ships of pirates in the region is a paradise for those who enjoy diving.

Dois Rios

With a river on each side of the beach (the reason for the name of Two Rivers) the beach was known for there to have a prison, now in ruins.

It has a 9 km road connecting Abraão and where is the starting point for the  Parnaioca Beach trekking.

The beach is also great for surfing and the river is a delicious place for a bath. You can do this in one day.

  • Dois Rios Ila Grande Rio


First of all Aventureiro beach is considered the postcard of the Ilha Grande. Surfers Paradise has about 500 meters with clean green water and clear sand.

On the beach there don`t have structure or cellular signal. And the energy is generated by small generators.

The Aventureiro beach has a maximum capacity of 560 people being necessary license to enter the beach.

Aventureiro Ilha Grande

You can do this in one day. Just make the boat tour around the island.

Lagoa Azul

having the same name as the famous movie of Brook Shields, the Blue Lagoon is one of the Ilha Grande paradises.

It is perfect for snorkeling. And access is only by boat coming out of Abraao Beach.

Things to do in Ilha Grande


Green Lagoon

Another must-see attraction of the Ilha Grande is the Green Lagoon. This name is due to the green coral and just by boat you can acess the lagoon.


Things to do in Ilha Grande


Saco do céu

In days of full moon is a lovely place for a dinner. The area has good sea food restaurants and perfect for jet-skis and yachts.



The Parnaioca has about 1 km and has a strong sea. Like the Aventureiro beach does not offer much structure, perfect to disappear from the world.

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