Tom Jobim Statue in Ipanema

Tom Jobim Statue in Ipanema

Tom Jobim was an amazing conductor and composer, and four years ago, a statue of him was erected in Ipanema to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his death.  While he went by Tom, his official name was Antonio Carlos Jobim Brazilian Almeida, and he was born in 1927.  In addition to him being a composer and conductor, he was also a singer, arranger, guitarist, and pianist.

His main musical focus was on bossa nova and one of his famous songs were Girl from Ipanema.  However, he did compose almost four hundred other songs that have been sung by numerous other performers over the years.

Discover the Statue of Tom Jobim visiting Ipanema.

This statue can be found in Arpoador, near the shore of the beach, which was one of Tom’s favorite places in Rio de Janeiro.  Christina Motta is the Brazilian artist who created and designed this statue. She used a photograph of Jobim with his songwriter partner that was taken during the 1960s for her inspiration.

The bronze statue shows Tom standing with his guitar held up over his right shoulder, as if he was just taking a leisurely stroll along the beach.  This statue is considered an excellent way for locals and visitors to keep the memory of Tom Jobim alive, while also allowing people to share his favorite place in the world.

Tom Jobim Statue in Ipanema

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