Top 4 Food to Eat in Brasil

Top 4 Food to Eat in Brasil

One of the most famous thing in Brazil is the food. We have the pleasue to suggest below the top 4 food to Eat in Brazil.


If you are coming to Rio de Janeiro you need to try the Tapioca . Originally from the North of the country and of indian origin , is made of cassava. When placed in the pan tapioca turns into a pancake or crepe.


Acai is a fruit of northern Brazil present in various juice bars around the city . In some parts of Brazil the fruit is considered exotic . Including even eat it with shrimp. But acai in Rio de Janeiro is served in a bowl with banana or strawberries and granola (like a corn) . With a slightly acid flavor but sweet , high-calorie and is recommend that you take acai morning . He is cold, like a ice cream.


One of the most famous food of Brazilian cuisine feijoada became known since the time of the slaves. The food consists of a mixture of black beans , pork  and among other ingredients . At the time of slavery , slave owners did not eat the less noble parts of the pig, such as ears , tails or feet , and gave such parties to their slaves .

The recipe was to take the parts of the pig that were rejected and merge them with the beans , cooking all in one container , and add water, salt and various peppers to the mix . The first Feijoasa was born.

Enjoy a Feijoada on our stop for lunch in Santa Teresa during City Tour Christ and Sugar Loaf and one of the best options to eat in Brazil.

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It is a typical sweet of Brazilian cuisine present in all parties and birthdays. The ingredients are butter, condensed milk and chocolate powder .

Cheese Bread

Created in Minas Gerais cheese bread is a great company for breakfast and afternoon snack . After eat you ‘ll never eat normal bread again.

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