Top 5 Beaches in Niterói

Top 5 Beaches in Niterói

Niterói is a charming city all year . Has sounds , images , smells , tastes and much fun to do. The climate invites to long walks on their attraction. One of the tips is to enjoy all the beaches for all tastes. Prepare your bottle of water and sunscreen because the sun is very hot, and go to Niteroi Beaches in Rio de Janeiro with a big smile on the face.

Piratininga Beach

First of the great ocean beaches . which means ” drie fish ” . It is divided in two beaches : bigger area , called “Praiao”  (big fish) that has strong waves . Sand and clear waters contrasting with her small beach on the, very quiet , and is the refuge of bathers who want more quiet on weekends .

Quiet beach – Praia do Sossego

For those arriving by boat to the city , should go straight to the beach , with no access by car . Recently succeeded with the proposal of the natural monument of the Praia do Sossego. Discover one of the most selvage beaches in Niterói.

Camboinhas Beach

Its name derives from the Argentine ship Camboinhas suffered a problem and ran aground on the beach. Even today , at low tide , still has remnants on the ship on the beach. The beach is a stretch of beach itaipu which is separated by a channel , is transparent and green water , and its sand is white. Camboing is one of the best beaches in Niterói.

Top 5 Beaches in Niterói.


Itaipu means of font of rocks in the Indian language is one of the oldest areas in Niteroi for its colony of fishermen and the church of St. Sebastian of itaipu built by Priest Jose de Anchieta , in the beginning of the century 1600.


This rocky monolith enters the sea, forming the tip of itacoatiara.ita – Stone coatiara – place writing. Approximately 250m in height , have vegetation with bromeliads and orchids , plus two oasis of.

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