Top Things to do in Paraty

Top Things to do in Paraty

Brazil has countless tourist attractions, whether cultural monuments or incredible natural reserves. But if you want to know its colony culture, you must visit Paraty. This city has an incredible historical center, jungle landscapes, and divine beaches. Thanks to this, it earned the privilege of being a National Historical Patrimony and is considered a jewel of 18th century architecture.

Located between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Paraty has its charms. Geographically speaking, it is bordered by the Serra da Bocaina National Park, one of the few areas of intact Atlantic rainforest. As a curiosity, the river Pereque Azu marks the dividing line between the historic center and the modern city.

Top Things to do in Paraty

The colonial Paraty is full of low white houses with colored doors and frames. The avenues are cobblestoned so it is advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes. You will find warm inns and restaurants with typical Brazilian dishes. The inhabitants of Paraty are very friendly and love to incorporate tourists into the daily life of the city. By day the streets are quiet, but by night the Praça da Matriz is filled with music with open capoeira sessions.

Next to Pontal beach, in the center of Paraty, is the Malecon. From there you can navigate the calm weaves in colorful boats or in scunas. Swimming on the beaches amidst fish and starfish in Trindade beaches is a unique experience. But if you don’t want to be always in a bathing suit, you can explore the jungle forests towards the Pedra Branca and Tobogá waterfall. For those interested in the immediate past of the city, the best stop is the Fazenda Muricana, a beautiful museum-restaurant.

You’re just in time to visit this wonderful Brazilian city in Rio de Janeiro!

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