Visiting the Imperial City of Petrópolis

Visiting the Imperial City of Petrópolis

Petrópolis is a tropical city with a wonderful history. It was the summer destination par excellence of the nobility and high society during the 19th and 20th centuries. Located 60 km from Rio de Janeiro, in 1882 Emperor Peter I wanted to create a great summer residence like those of European royalty.

Although he did not succeed, his son, Peter II, continued the feat. Around him, he attracted aristocrats, politicians, diplomats and wealthy businessmen who also built beautiful palaces.

When Brazil became a republic, the “imperial city” continued receiving politicians and tourists. Thanks to this, many of its buildings were considered as National Historical Patrimony.

Among the tourist attractions of Petrópolis, we highlight the Imperial Museum. Built in neoclassical style, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens designed by French landscaper Jean Baptiste Binot. The museum keeps the largest collection of objects and documents belonging to the Brazilian Imperial period.

Visiting the Imperial City of Petrópolis
Former summer palace today the imperial museum in os of the main attractions of the Tour Petropolis.

On the other hand, the Cathedral of São Pedro de Alcântara is the most important church in Petrópolis. Its French neo-gothic style keeps beautiful stained-glass windows with religious images. From its high tower, you can see the entire city.

The Bohemia Brewery brewed the first Pilsen beer in Brazil. There you will be able to taste some of the most characteristic beers of Petrópolis.

Finally, one of the main attractions of the city is the Flower Clock. This is the largest clock in all of Brazil, decorated by the flowers of the season.

Petrópolis has a lot to offer its visitors. Discover its exotic buildings, sculptures and museums in an unparalleled journey.