What not to do in Rio de Janeiro

What not to do in Rio de Janeiro 

Rio de Janeiro is an amazing city with friendly people, nice food, beaches and fantastic views. But like any other city in the world has thing to take care about. check now.

– Avoid the dark streets of Copacabana and the sand of the beach in the night.

Avoid Downtown on weekends. Its is not a safe area.


Do not use rings, jewels, cameras on the neck, big bags and keep your money on a special wallet.

– Choose for a private tour in Rio de Janeiro than a group tour. It is always more safe than do tours on big groups. Call less attention.

– Do not go to Barra on the rush time (from 05:30 pm until 08:30pm). Terrible traffic will wait for you.

Do not pick any taxi driver in Rio de Janeiro. Check first the vehicle if is new and if is a good car. its better than you take old cars not so safe and maybe do not have trusted drivers. Also try to get infos in your hotel about taxi companies is other good way to move around the city.

– Don´t go to the favela take to pictures of the kids and the houses inside. Please respect the area. And also hire a local guide in Rio to help you to know the Favela. Some Favelas is ok to you alone walk alone, others not.

Favela Tour Vidigal Rio de Janeiro - Tour Guide in Rio
Favela Tour Vidigal Rio de Janeiro is more than a tour. It´s an experience.

– Don`t trow any garbage or cigarettes on the streets because if the polices see you doing this you need to pay a taxes leave the country. Please help us to keep our city clean.

– Attention in the Lapa area. A lot of drugged people and small robbers around the place. The Selaron Stairs is an spectacular attraction but is not the safest place in the city. If you go alone try get a taxi and stop close. Also in the night try to stay after the archs where are located the main bars and restaurants in Lapa.

Lapa - Rio de Janeiro
What not to do in Rio de Janeiro – Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

– Take care if your flight is on the night because its always indicated on the rush time (5:00 pm to 08:00 pm) leave your hotel to airport at least 3-4 hours before your flight.

-Don´t buy your packges before look if you need visa to come to Brazil or not. Some countries like U.S.A. needs visa.

The list of countries click here.