Where to stay in Paraty

Where to stay in Paraty

Beauty can be found almost anywhere in Brazil, but the southeastern section of the country is where everyone will find paradise in Paraty.  Visitors arrive in this town to spend time in the mountains and along the coast. Some of them choose to stay forever due to the stunning views and adventures that can be enjoyed there. Discover now Where to stay in Paraty.

Here are the 7 best hotels in Paraty:

  1.       Pousada Casa de Paraty

The town of Paraty is filled with charming buildings, so it is no surprise that this is a complete boutique guest house.  Guests will love how close the rainforest, waterfalls, and local beaches are from the hotel.


Where to stay in Paraty

  1.       Pousada Bromelias

This rustic hotel is located a few miles outside of Paraty.  Guests can spend the days when they do not venture into Paraty exploring the trails or enjoy a bird watching.

  1.       Pousada Picinguaba

 Pousada Picinguaba is so close to the local beaches, that visitors can spend their days sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and more.
  1.       Casa Cairucu

Casa Cairucu looks out over the water of the sea and every guest will appreciate those views at any time of the day.  There are plenty of things for visitors to do in the water, but most guests will prefer to walk along the Gold Trail.

  1.       Casa Turquesa

The Casa Turquesa charming boutique hotel is located in the middle of Paraty. The guests will feel like they stepped into the Mediterranean when they see the whitewashed buildings with splashes of cerulean blue.  Guests love the private balconies, courtyard and swimming pool.

  1.       Fazenda Catucaba

The Fazenda Catucaba Hotel used to be an old, yet stunning, farmhouse from the 1850s.  Each room offers the ultimate in elegance and luxurious, despite the hotel’s location in the countryside.  Guests will love exploring the surrounding countryside, while sitting next to warm fires later in the evening.

  1.       Pousada do Ouro

 The hotel used to be an 18th century home and it has been renovated with color, yet it is still decorated with country furniture and charm.  Guests love the room service that is available. Although many people prefer to head down to the bar for a drink and a game of pool.

These seven amazing hotels are the best ones in Paraty and everyone will love staying at any of them as they are seeing the sights within this spectacular town.