Corcovado Train in Rio de Janeiro

Corcovado Train in Rio de Janeiro

The Corcovado Train might be one of the most popular attractions within Rio de Janeiro, but it is also one of the oldest.  This train was founded by Emperor Dom Pedro II back in 1884. In the past, and even in recent years, Presidents, officials, and artists have taken a ride on the Corcovado Train.

Currently, more than six hundred thousand people arrive at this attraction every year, so that they can cross one of the largest urban forests in the world, which is the Tijuca Forest.  As people are traveling through this mesmerizing forest, they should have their cameras ready, so that they can capture photos of the monkeys and toucans they see along their journey.

This train journey begins in Cosme Velho and continues to the summit of Corcovado Mountain, which is seven hundred and ten meters high.  The train’s line is just under four kilometers and three trains with two cars each travel the line at one time.

Those who take the Corcovado Train to the top of the mountain will find that the journey only takes approximately twenty minutes each way.  The trains depart every twenty minutes and five hundred and forty people can fit inside each train.

Anyone who wants to take a ride on this marvelous train can include it in one of our City Tours in Rio de Janeiro.  We do recommend that everyone purchases their tickets in advance for the Corcovado Train, as the queue lines can get lengthy.  Those long lines mean even longer wait times, which can be avoided with the advance purchase.


Train Corcovado - Private Tours Rio de Janeiro
Corcovado Train – Private Tours Rio de Janeiro

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