Private Tours in Rio de Janeiro

Rio Cultural Secrets FAQs Page

What time do the tours begin?

All our tours begin at times that are convenient for you!  Since each one of our tours is private and custom-made, you get to choose the start time that works best for you.  Most people choose to begin their day between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning, especially if they are taking one of our longer tours, but you can choose to start earlier or later if you wish.

Can you pick up and drop off at different locations?

Absolutely!  We recommend letting us know of these plans as soon as possible, so that we can make the proper arrangements if necessary.  If either of the two locations are outside of the downtown area or the South Zone, then we may need to add a surcharge to your tour.  We are happy to share the details of whether this is necessary for your specific situation, so please send us an email to learn more.

We are staying outside of the downtown area and Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone.  Will there be an additional charge for picking us up and dropping us off?

While we are more than happy to pick you up and drop you off in any area, including Barra and the International Airport, we do include a surcharge for areas outside of downtown and the South Zone.  Feel free to email us to see what the additional charge will be or ask as we are creating your personal itinerary.

Is it possible to see a location that we do not see available on your Build Your Own Tour page?

The only limitations that we have for any of our tours is the time that is available!  Therefore, you can choose to see any destination that you choose. We recommend that you send us an email with what you are interested in and then we can contact you with a preliminary itinerary to see if it meets your needs.

Are tours available outside of the capital of Rio de Janeiro?

Yes! A few of our favorites include tours to Petrópolis, Ilha Grande, Búzios, Arraial do Cabo, Paraty, and Teresópolis.

Can we stay longer at some destinations and less time at others?

On our customized Private Tour so you can make time adjustments as necessary!  The only thing that cannot be changed at the last minute is the entire duration of your tour.  Therefore, feel free to arrive at a destination and choose to stay there longer and then leave a destination later in the day sooner than planned.  You can even choose to leave somewhere early at the beginning of the day and spend additional time at a location later on.

Can you take larger groups of people or are we limited to smaller groups?

Yes, we can take groups that are larger, but there is an additional charge for extra people.  There are also a few restrictions that we need to put in place, due to the size of our vehicles.  Please give us a call or send us an email to see how we can best satisfy your large group needs.

What vehicles do you use for your tours?

We utilize sedan cars for smaller groups and Sprinter vans for larger groups.

What is the maximum number of people that you can fit into your regular vehicles?

We can fit four people into our sedans.  Therefore, if you have more people, please let us know so we can reserve the proper vehicle to fit your needs.

Can we join another group to keep our costs down?

All our tours are custom and private, so it would be quite unfair for us to ask someone else to share their personal experience with anyone else.

Can we take any of our luggage with us?

Yes, you may always have your luggage with you.  However, please be aware that room is limited, especially in our vans when you have quite a few people.  If you have any concerns as to whether all your luggage will fit, please send us an email to find out.

What is your cancellation and your refund policy?

We require payment in full in advance, which we accept by Paypal via credit card.  We will offer you a refund if you cancel your tour or package at least two days before it begins.